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The Creche Daily Routine, At Harry Tots Pre-School & Daycare. Crèche teachers prepare the environment, foster inquiry, respond to interests and support curiosity throughout the day. Our teachers guide powerful “academic” learning through intentional play.This means that at Harry Tots Pre-school and daycare, academics is the subject, play is the method and learning is the […]

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How Young Children Learn at Harry Tots Pre-School & Daycare. The Role of Play in an Early Learning Centre Young children learn best in an environment where they can explore on their own with activities and materials that interest them. Research tells us that play in particular causes the brain to produce pleasure-related chemicals, like […]

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Explorers is an exciting step for children and parents alike. At Crèche, much of what children do and learn in our younger classrooms lead up to it. But it is within our Explorers Program, that primary readiness becomes even more important. In this year, children will focus on primary prep, so they will have the […]


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